Zentools Carousel

Zentools Carousel

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The Zentools carousel is a responsive carousel (resize your browser) that scales to suit the width of your page. The examples below are highlighting the subtle image effects available in the module.


Carousel Features

  • Responsive: responds to the width of your page (resize your browser to see)
  • Display unlimited images from a folder, Joomla or K2 content.
  • Determine the base width of the carousel item
  • Determine the minimum number of items to display in a carousel at one time.
  • When the page is resized the current item is returned to the visible part of the carousel.
  • Based on the elastislide carousel script.

Rounded shadow example

The shadow example below is another implementation of css3 to generate a subtle shadow effect on the image. The relevant css is .zenshadow img.

The carousel is displaying a selection of images loaded from a folder.

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