Zentools Slideshow

Zentools Slideshow

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The Zentools slideshow is a responsive slideshow that is simple to use. 



  • A responsive slideshow that responds to the width of your template.
  • Display any number of core elements sourced from Joomla, K2 or images from a folder.
  • Multipl epagination options inclusing thumbnails, titles, numbers and discs.
  • A selection of simple pre-built themes.
  • Next / Previous buttons.
  • Control slideshow speed and duration.
  • Multiple slideshows on a single page.


Slideshow using the overlay theme

The overlay theme positions the image of the slideshow underneath the other elements assigned to the module. To use this layout effectively you must make sure that the image is the first image in the ordering of tags int he admin.

The example below features the thumbnails as pagination option.

    No content assigned to be displayed.

Slideshow using the flat theme.

The flat theme allows you to create a number of different layouts using the 

The example below features the number pagination option.

    No content assigned to be displayed.


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